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Boutique Protection


Need some protection kits for your company and employees?

Boutique Protection has adapted its logistic center in order to process your orders in less than 48 hours and deliver fast.

Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial team for any questions or quote: or contact form available here.

List of products available in large quantities for companies:

Individual bags:

  • Unisex washable protection mask with filter in an individual bag.
  • Unisex washable protection mask with filter + antiseptic gel 100ml in an individual bag.
  • Minimum 25 units/order

Antiseptic gels approved by Health Canada:

  • Available formats: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 980ml, 4L
  • Minimum 25 units/order

Deconfinement kits:

The Express :

  • 4x protection masks (various colors)
  • 2x 250ml antiseptic gel
  • 2x 100ml antiseptic gel
  • 1x pump 250ml

The Deconfinement :

  • 25x protection masks (various colors)
  • 25x 100ml antiseptic gel
  • 1x 500ml antiseptic gel
  • 1x pump for 500ml bottle

The Total :

  • 10x face shields
  • 25x protection masks (various colors)
  • 4x 980ml antiseptic gel
  • 1x pump for 980ml bottle

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